CAM CE Courses in Fort Myers, Naples, Sarasota

20 Hour CAM CE for 2012
Complete your requirement in 2 dayS!

The Florida Community Association Manager renewal requirements state that you need 20 Hours of Continuing Education when you submit for renewal through the DBPR and you can complete this requirement in just 2 days at CAM CE approved Larson Educational Services. (Scroll down to the bottom for FAQs and renewal requirements.)
You can register for your 2012 CAM Continuing Education course through Larson Educational Services right now without any payment and lock in your registration! Just pick a date below to attend and click the “Register Now” link or give us a call at (239) 344-7510. We’ll put you on the course roster and you don’t need to pay until the day you come to class.


TIME: 8:00am – 6:00pm
Course Materials included

Note: We can accept “unpaid registrations” through our online system or over the phone if you’d like to hold your seat. Just click “Register Now” for a date below or call us at (239) 344-7510.
June 2 and 3            WEEKEND
8am – 6pm                 Sat and Sun

July 14 and 15         WEEKEND
Fort Myers
8am – 6pm                 Sat and Sun

July 19 and 20         WEEKDAY
8am – 6pm                 Thu and Fri

August 11 and 12     WEEKEND
8am – 6pm                 Sat and Sun

August 25 and 26     WEEKEND
Fort Myers
8am – 6pm                 Sat and Sun

September 8 and 9   WEEKEND
8am – 6pm                 Sat and Sun

September 13 and 14   WEEKDAY
Fort Myers
8am – 6pm                 Thu and Fri

Do all Florida Community Association Manager licensees need to complete continuing education?
Yes, however, there is an exemption for those who received their CAM license between October 1, 2010 and September 30, 2012. If licensed between this period, you DO NOT have to complete continuing education, but you WILL need to renew the license and pay the license renewal fee.
What topics are covered in the 20 Hours of continuing education?
We include all the required topics and hours mandated by the DBPR to renew your CAM license. Course titles include:
·         The Association Budget – 4 CE Hours
·         How to Effectively Deal With Residents and Vendors – 4 CE Hours
·         Foreclosure and Insurance Update – 4 CE Hours
·         Operation of the Physical Property – 4 CE Hours
·         2011 Legal Update – 2 CE Hours
·         2012 Legal Update – 2 CE Hours

Can I take the CE courses at Larson Educational Services even if I don’t need the CE credit?
Absolutely! Our CAM CE courses are designed with the working CAM professional in mind. They are relevant to the current marketplace and are taught by experts in the industry.
What if I completed some continuing education courses in 2011, but I know I still need to do some more?
That is no problem. Our 20 Hours of continuing education is broken up into 6 separate courses that can be taken separately or together as a package depending on what you need:
·     10 Hours ($119)
·     18 Hours ($189)
·     20 Hours ($209)

Call us at (239) 344-7510 if you have any questions about taking the courses separately or you can view the package schedules on our website here –
How much does it cost to renew my Florida CAM license?
The renewal fee is $105 and is paid at the time of renewal.
When is the deadline to submit my renewal?
All Florida Community Association Managers must submit for renewal no later than September 30, 2012.
Do I need to complete 20 Hours of Continuing Education before I submit my renewal?
Yes. The DBPR requires that you complete your 20 Hours of Continuing Education prior to submitting for renewal.
Can I take a 20 Hour Continuing Education class in September and still renew my license by September 30, 2012?
Yes. When you take a class with Larson Educational Services, we upload your completed hours of education to the DBPR system at the conclusion of the course. Within 48 hours of your completed class, you can renew your license through the DBPR.

Brad Larson
General Manager
Larson Educational Services
(239) 344-7510


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