Fort Myers real estate school, Larson Educational Services, adds real estate classes AGAIN!!

Well, we’ve expanded our real estate class schedule once again. Our schedule in Fort Myers now has dates going until September!

We continue to see an increase in activity and demand both on our website and on the phones. We also just finished another Real Estate Career Night last night and had a very good showing. Many people are wondering what it takes to get a Florida Real Estate License and we explain the licensing process, the fees and expenses associated with getting a license, as well as talk about career opportunities available once someone gets a license.

My last blog posting “The 5 Easy Steps to Get a Florida Real Estate License” actually paints a very clear plan for obtaining a license. Check it out for more details.

Also, our next Real Estate Career Night is scheduled for Tuesday, May 19 from 6:30pm-7:30pm. If you or someone you know would like to know more about starting a career in real estate in Southwest Florida or just want to know more about obtaining a Florida Real Estate License, feel free to stop by and visit us. Plus it’s FREE!

As always, call me if you have any questions or check out for additional information.

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The 5 Easy Steps to Get a Florida Real Estate License

Have you been thinking about getting a Florida Real Estate License but are unsure where to start? Maybe you’ve heard some of the horror stories circulating out there about bad instructors, dirty classrooms and students failing the Florida real estate exam over and over and over again.

Well I’m here to tell you that it does not need to be that way.

You can obtain your Florida Real Estate License in just a few steps and you can do it with the help of a professional, courteous, well-managed, family-owned education company that truly cares about your success at Larson Educational Services.

And we have lots of fun too!

So, what does it take to obtain your
Florida Real Estate License?

STEP 1: Submit Your License Application Package
Your License Application Package can be completed online at Click on “Apply For A License” and follow the directions. You need to be 18 years old and have a high school diploma or its equivalent to apply. On the application package you will share information about yourself and pay a fee of $105.

STEP 2: Register for Fingerprinting
Make a reservation – visit PearsonVUE and select “Fingerprint Reservation online,” or contact the customer support center at 1.888.274.2020. The fingerprinting fee is $57.25.

STEP 3: Attend Class
Completion of a 63-hour course is required to obtain your Florida Real Estate Sales Associate License. Students must attend the entire course and pass the final exam. We have Weekday, Evening and Weekend classes available in Fort Myers and Naples (and online courses coming soon). Our class tuition is $299. The class is completed in 8 days or 16 evenings.

STEP 4: Schedule the State License Exam
Upon approval of your application the testing service – PearsonVUE – is notified by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) and they in turn notify you with instructions to schedule the license examination. You have two years to sit for the license examination. The exam fee is $31.50. We have excellent Exam Preparation courses and products to help you prepare for success on exam day.

Pass the Exam and Activate the License
Remember to bring two forms of identification with signatures (one must be a government-issued photo identification), the confirmation number provided when test registration was made, and the Course Completion Certificate from Larson Educational Services. To activate your license, your employing broker must sign and deliver FORM 2050 to the DBPR.

Contact me if you have any questions or would like additional information. The Florida Real Estate Licensing process is not very difficult and if you do these 5 Steps in order, you will have your license in a matter of weeks!

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Students getting their Florida Real Estate License to start Real Estate Careers have GREAT EXPERIENCES at Larson Educational Services

WOW! I am reading through our end of class evaluations from our recently finished Florida Real Estate License Course and I have tears in my eyes. Our students had absolutely FANTASTIC things to say about our course, the instructors, our staff, our facilities and the overall experience they received from Larson Educational Services.

A couple of the comments that really made me teary-eyed – they are again as I read them over – and really sum up what we are all about are these ones:

“I would recommend this course without hesitation. The level of service at Larson has gone above and beyond. I believe Larson Educational Services has set a high standard that has no comparable.”

“This course was much, much better than any course I have taken in the past. You are the best, hands down! Thank you all so much. I’m so thankful I picked your school.”

EXCELLENT! I was impressed the first day I came in with your professionalism, politeness and impeccable facilities. I was never disappointed.”

Getting feedback like this lets you know that you’re doing something right. We have more comments like this on our Student Testimonials page of our website. When you build a business from scratch, like we have at Larson, everything is dependent on the customer experience, but in our case, you need to add in the classroom and education experience as well, and it sounds like we are doing an excellent job.

Our students are with us for 8 hours for 8 days. That’s a lot of time together. Plus, this is an emotionally charged arena as people are very excited about starting real estate careers by getting their Florida Real Estate License. We have been doing this for about 30 years as a family and we have developed a great curriculum and service-minded organization that really sets us apart from the competition and makes us different.

If you would like to know more about a Florida Real Estate License or have questions about real estate careers, please feel free to contact us at
(239) 344-7510 or go to to learn more.

Thank you again for the great evaluations from all of our students.

Brad Larson


This just in…Larson Educational Services is having great success online!

I just wanted to say a big “Thank You” to Charlie Caldwell at Internet Services Group of Florida for helping me out with our online marketing presence and continuing to take time to discuss ways Larson Educational Services can go after new students online.

The online marketing team at Larson has been working day and night, following the directions and guidelines given to them by Charlie for his “recipe for success”, and it has sure paid off. is routinely seeing DOUBLE the number of daily visitors compared to just two months ago, and that has lead to more phone calls and more registrations. In fact, we currently have our largest real estate class, with 50% more students than any previous class we have held.

Charlie recently wrote about How a Fort Myers Real Estate School Took Over Google!, which, if you’re paying attention, is referring to us, Larson Educational Services. Check it out and if you’re interested in learning more about how Charlie can help you succeed on the Internet, call him directly at (239) 822-2314, contact him online, or visit his Web Marketing Services information online.

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