This just in…Larson Educational Services is having great success online!

I just wanted to say a big “Thank You” to Charlie Caldwell at Internet Services Group of Florida for helping me out with our online marketing presence and continuing to take time to discuss ways Larson Educational Services can go after new students online.

The online marketing team at Larson has been working day and night, following the directions and guidelines given to them by Charlie for his “recipe for success”, and it has sure paid off. is routinely seeing DOUBLE the number of daily visitors compared to just two months ago, and that has lead to more phone calls and more registrations. In fact, we currently have our largest real estate class, with 50% more students than any previous class we have held.

Charlie recently wrote about How a Fort Myers Real Estate School Took Over Google!, which, if you’re paying attention, is referring to us, Larson Educational Services. Check it out and if you’re interested in learning more about how Charlie can help you succeed on the Internet, call him directly at (239) 822-2314, contact him online, or visit his Web Marketing Services information online.

Brad Larson
(239) 344-7510


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