Ok, I just learned how to put a video into Youtube, only about 4 years behind the curve, but that’s ok because I never had a video to put up until now. Charly Caldwell at Internet Services Group www.isgfl.com/ has been helping me out a whole lot with our internet marketing and SEO (Search Enging Optimization). He was watching Wink News the other evening, March 16, when he saw the teaser at the beginning that flashed our Logo. He immediately jumped to action and got his video recorder turned on so that he could “tape it” for me (my words, not his).

I know I posted a link to the Wink News website with the video yesterday, but this is significantly better this way….for many reasons that I’m not going to get into right now….mostly because I don’t understand it, I just do what I’m told.

So here’s the video on Youtube. See my post from yesterday for an explanation of why Larson Educational Services was interviewed by Wink. Learn more About Us.

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