Announcing the Launch of LARSON EXAM TUTOR!

Larson Educational Services, a Florida Real Estate, CAM and Mortgage School, announces the launch of…


PASS your Real Estate, CAM and Mortgage exams!

What is Larson Exam Tutor?

Our online testing and tutoring system is designed for rapid learning of the information required to pass your mandated Florida licensing exams.

Our online software utilizes a revolutionary concept called Corrective Feedback Paradigm ® (CFP). CFP presents questions and answers in a way that is customized to the way you learn. CFP is a computer-enhanced question and answer strategy that works by bombarding you with questions that are answered incorrectly while bypassing questions that you have mastered.

As a result, you will often see the same questions repeatedly until CFP determines that the underlying material is mastered and committed to memory. Not only do you get to see the correct answers for questions, but you will also be given the rationale behind why it is the correct answer.

It’s like having your own tutor at your side as you prepare for an exam.

Which tests can I prepare for using
Larson Exam Tutor?

We focus on 3 main industries for our licensing and exam preparation education:

  • Real Estate,
  • Community Association Manager (CAM) and
  • Mortgage Broker (soon to be Mortgage Loan Originator beginning October 1, 2010).

Here is a breakdown of our Larson Exam Tutor products and pricing.

Click the links below to view more information or to enroll:

Course 1 Exam Tutor $29
Real Estate Math Tutor $49
Real Estate State Exam Tutor $69

CAM State Exam Tutor $69

NMLS National Exam Tutor $99

(239) 344-7510
or online at

Larson Educational Services
Royal Palm Square
1400 Colonial Blvd, Suite 44
Fort Myers, FL 33907


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