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MLO Licensing Requirements

Step-by-Step Licensing Guide

Applicants for the Mortgage Loan Originator License (MLO), must complete these steps:

How to Obtain your MLO License

Step 1: Obtain your Unique Identification Number with NMLS

Creating an account with NMLS (Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System) only takes a few minutes. After creating your account, NMLS will notify you by email with your Unique Identification Number. Click below to do this now.

Create my NMLS Account

Step 2: Complete the 20 Hour SAFE Comprehensive Course

The 20 Hour SAFE Comprehensive Course is the required pre-licensing education for Mortgage Loan Originators as mandated by the 2008 SAFE Act. Classes are available in Fort Myers and Naples. Click below to view our course information.

View Course Schedule

Step 3. Pass the SAFE Act Tests

You are required to take and pass the SAFE Act Tests – the National Component with Uniform State Test (UST) and the State Specific Component for each state you wish to originate in. Our recommendation is to complete the State Specific Component first and then the National Component. Scores of 75% or better are required to pass the SAFE Act tests.
  • TEST ENROLLMENT: First you must create a TEST ENROLLMENT on the NMLS website. You will pay a $110 fee for the National Test with Uniform State Test (UST) and a $69 fee for the State Specific Test upon the enrollment. Creating the enrollment is what will give you permission to schedule the test.

How To Pay For A Test Enrollment

  • SCHEDULE YOUR TESTS: **You must pay for the tests in the step above BEFORE you can schedule a test date.** The tests are given by Prometric Testing Centers, and they have centers located throughout the state of Florida and across the country. In Southwest Florida, the nearest facility is located at 4315 Metro Parkway Suite 120 – Fort Myers, FL 33916

Schedule Test

Do you already have your MLO license in another state and just need to prepare for the Florida Component Test?

Step 4: Application

*Complete after you’ve attended the 20 Hour Course and passed the National and Florida exams*

  • SUBMIT THE MU4 APPLICATION: Loan Originator applicants must submit the “Uniform Individual Mortgage License/Registration & Consent Form,” also known as the MU4 APPLICATION on the NMLS website.
Florida Real Estate School


How To Submit MU4 Application 

  • FEES: You must pay a $195 nonrefundable application fee, a $20nonrefundable Mortgage Guaranty Trust Fund fee and a $60 NMLS processing fee when you apply.
  • CREDIT REPORT: You are required to authorize a credit report with the submission of your MU4 Application. The cost of the credit report is $15.

How To Submit Credit Report

  • FINGERPRINTS and CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK: You are required to have your fingerprints scanned electronically at an NMLS-authorized fingerprint vendor for an FBI Criminal Background Check (CBC) with the submission of your MU4 Application. The cost of the CBC is $39.

How To Submit Criminal Background Check

If you are obtaining your MLO License in Florida, you must also have your fingerprints scanned electronically at a Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) location. We recommend using PearsonVUE. The cost of the FDLE fingerprint is $33.You may make an FDLE fingerprint reservation by calling PearsonVUE at1.877.238.8232.

Step 5: View your Application Status

Criminal Background Check Status
During your license approval process, you can view the status of an existing Criminal Background Check (CBC) request or retrieve a copy of your CBC Certificate.

How To View Criminal Background Check Status

Application Status
You may view the status of your MU4 Application and review any deficiencies that your state regulator has set. A deficiency is placed by the state regulator to notify you of any missing information that is still required in order to issue a licensing decision.Each time the status is updated by the Regulator in NMLS, you will receive a system generated email indicating the status change.

How To View Application Status

For further assistance, please contact the
NMLS Call Center at 855.665.7123

Brad Larson

Larson Educational Services

1400 Colonial Blvd.

Suite 44

Fort Myers, Florida



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