Florida Property Manager Designation Course

Certified Florida Residential Property Manager CFRM Designation Earned by 67 Individuals in Fort Myers, FL


FORT MYERS, Fla.May 2, 2016 – Larson Educational Services announces that on April 29, 2016 the following individuals have received the Certified Florida Residential Manager (CFRM) Designation:

Susan Andolino , Lilla Asmund , Jodie Baugh , Barbara Beck , Liena Bems , Charles Best , Mary Biagini , John Blankenship , Dorothee Bohrer , Eric-Paul Breuning , Scott Butler , Nunzio Colombo , Dorothy Craig , Gladys Cygenhagen , Enrique De Andres , Michele DeAndres , Guerdy Dessalines , Cynthia Dietz , Mary Dowling , Jacob Eister , Claudia Eller , John Fisher , Christine Forbes , Jeff Fraser , Julie Frost , Eddy Frost , Terri Galdames , Carla Garcia , Brandon Goeke , Katherine Greer , Sandra Gulbrandsen , Allen Hos , Gladys Jackson , Ricardo Jimenez , Nidia Knight , Olivia Kollar , Laura Lacombe , Nancy Landi , Jacquelyn Liszak , Danny Martinson , Sabine Mayer , Suzanne McGuire , Jana Minor , Diane Nelsen , April Olson , David Quarles , Kathy Rauschenbach , Renee Renna , Marzia Rivera , Kristi Rouan , Monika Schneider , Bryan Schundlemire , Edward Stafford , Michelle Stiger , Todd Stiger , Donna Teuber , John Thedford , Kelly Thompson , Janice Thompson , Kelly Toney , Dante Torrent , Melannie Upchurch , Graham Wilczewski , Lisa Yeatter , Tanner Yeatter , Michael Zecchino

The CFRM designation is earned by completing a two-day course covering in detail the practical and legal aspects of leasing and managing single-family and small residential investment properties. Passing of a final exam is also required to earn the CFRM designation. Holders of a Florida real estate license earned 11 hours of continuing education credit toward their biennial license renewal by attending the class.

Written and taught by experts LeeAnn Levesque and Rick Larson, the course includes detailed coverage of 15 Florida property management laws, including – Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, Property Management Escrow Accounts, and Vacation Rentals. Additionally, the roles of a Florida property manager are discussed through examples and practical, hands-on training.

More information about the CFRM designation is available by contacting Larson Educational Services at (239) 344-7510 or visit www.LarsonEd.com. Limited seating is available for the next CFRM class. Tuition is $169 and includes a 160-page professional manual.

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