5 Tips for Health Insurance Client Retention-Part 2

Health insurance client retention

When too many of your clients are cancelling their health insurance policies, you start to feel the impact at all levels of your business—lost clients could increase administrative costs and you could also see issues with debt management if you’ve already budgeted certain commissions that are no longer coming in.

And acquiring new clients is not cheap.

Here is part 2 for our tips on how to choose clients who will stick around:

(Read part 1 here.)

3. Use Stories

People respond to stories. You can demonstrate the value of a certain policy or package by telling a story about how the policy has worked for an unnamed client in the past and the benefits it provided them.

Insurance consultant Keith Leech likes to use a 4-question process to further drive the point home in a prospects mind. You can use these questions yourself:

  1. “Who do you know who has suffered a heart attack, cancer, or stroke?”
  2. “Were they expecting it to happen?”
  3. “Did they suffer financially or emotionally?”
  4. “Would cash have helped?”

Everyone has been affected by heart attack, cancer, or stroke in one way or another. By relating your products to a personal experience of your client’s, they will better understand the immediacy of their health insurance needs.

4. Maintain Communication

To keep your clients on board with you, it’s important that they not only hear from you at renewal time or when a premium is late, but other times as well.

Show your clients appreciation and they will stick around. 

Remember: you and your client are business partners.

The best way to maintain contact is to create a repeatable communication schedule that you replicate for every client.

No, you don’t want to send any “Dear, client” emails. But when your client signs on with you, you may want to send yourself some Google alerts to remind you to ask them questions to head off common conversations you may have in the first 30 days of partnership.

“Did you receive your insurance cards?”

“Do you have any questions or concerns with your coverage so far?”

Make sure some of these are phone calls as well.

Don’t inundate them with phone calls and emails. However, you can use special insurance events as a good reason to contact them. For example, May is national disability insurance awareness month, September is national life insurance awareness month, and June 28 is national insurance awareness day.

Also, around the new year they may need to renew their policy. Your best practice is to see if they’ve had any life-changing events in the past year such as a wedding or a child. Find this out from your client and suggest some options to better suit their new needs.

5. Assume You’ll Be Their Agent for Life

Building a long-lasting relationship with your clients isn’t about selling products, per se; it’s about selling your services. It’s about being there when they need you.

A truly great health insurance agent will get referrals from parent to child.

As your relationship extends over the years, consider offering life insurance. Many people are under the misapprehension that life insurance is expensive. Like most people, they may simple have whatever plan they were offered through their job and have left it at that.

If you are always looking out for your clients needs in their interest, you’re sure to continue these long-lasting relationships.

(Read part 1 here.)

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