How to Pass Your Florida Mortgage Loan Originator Exams

As a result of the SAFE Act of 2008, every loan originator in Florida needs to pass 2 exams: the comprehensive 125 question national exam with UST and the 65 question Florida state specific exam.

If you’ve taken pre-licensing courses from anyone other than Larson Ed then you haven’t been adequately prepared for test questions about Florida’s unique laws. 20-hour SAFE comprehensive courses don’t cover it, online courses don’t cover it, only Larson Educational Services teaches it.

In order to learn the information necessary to pass the state exam, you need access to hundreds of sample questions, immediate feedback, and explanations covering the content you’ll see on test day. That’s exactly what you’ll get with Larson Ed’s MLO exam tutor available here ( for $69.

In addition to the state exam prep tutor, we also have a tutor for the national exam available here (, also for $69.

Then, when it’s time to take the exams, remember these 5 tips for getting a passing score.

1. Take your time.

You have three and a half hours to answer the questions, which means there is no need to rush. Just take a deep breath and trust your preparation.

2. Read all the darn questions…2 times.

It’s too easy to skip over key words in the question. Our brain has this nasty habit of filling in the the blanks of sentences when we haven’t even seen every word. For example, did you notice the repeated word “the” in the last sentence? Give yourself a chance of getting the questions right by reading them each 2 times.

3. Read all the darn answers…2 times.

Before choosing an answer – even if you are 100% positive it’s right – read through all the choices. It may be that you have prematurely selected a response that is correct, but there could be another answer that is more correct. If you fail to read through all the answers there’s a chance you may mark the wrong one.

4. Longer is better.

If you come to a question that has you completely stumped, usually the longest choice is the most likely to be correct. This is not a hard rule of thumb, but rather an indicator to go off of when you don’t have any idea what the answer could be.

5. Treat each multiple choice question as 4 true-false questions.

Each multiple choice question will have 4 answers, each of which you should regard as a true-false question. This will help you ensure that you aren’t missing any details when responding to each question.

With these tips and the Larson Exam Tutors, you are sure to pass your state and national exams.

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Deadline for MLO applications extended to December 15, 2010

The deadline for Florida Mortgage Loan Originators to submit their MU4 Application has been extended from November 30 to December 15, 2010.

View the notice provided by FAMP below:

“The Florida Office of Financial Regulation has recently been informed that the deadline for testing and education certification has been extended.

In order to be eligible for certification, an individual must successfully submit an MU4 application for a Florida loan originator license no later than December 15, 2010. If the individual qualifies for the certification, the Office of Financial Regulation will submit the necessary information to NMLS. The individual does not need to request that Florida certify to NMLS as this will happen automatically. Once NMLS has processed a certification file from Florida, a certification invoice is generated on each NMLS record and an e-mail is sent to the e-mail address on file with NMLS. Loan originators will not receive the benefits of certification until the NMLS invoice has been paid.

To qualify for education certification, an individual must hold an active mortgage broker license issued prior to October 1, 2010. To qualify for testing certification, an individual must hold an active mortgage broker license issued prior to October 1, 2010and passed the old Florida mortgage broker test on or after January 1, 2004.

The deadline to pay for a certification invoice is December 31, 2010. All outstanding certification invoices not paid by December 31, 2010 will be deleted by NMLS and the individual will not receive the benefits of certification.

In addition to the testing and education certification process, please remember to provide the Office of Financial Regulation information concerning the high school education requirement. You must provide the name of the high school and date the diploma or its equivalent was received. This information may be provided to the OFR by emailing them at

More information about the license requirements can be found in the Florida jurisdiction specific documents located on the NMLS Resource Center website at

Individuals and companies that currently hold licenses issued prior to October 1, 2010 must file for a new license through NMLS and be in an “Pending – Review” status by December 31, 2010 or cease business. The jurisdiction specific documents explain in detail what is required to be in a “Pending – Review” status. “

If you have any further questions about the application itself, you can contact NMLS customer service at (240) 386-4444.

If you have questions about the licensing requirements, you can contact us at (239) 344-7510.

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