Real Estate Photography Tips Pt. 1–Florida Real Estate School

Real Estate Photography Tips Pt. 1–Florida Real Estate School

How many times have you seen a listing with photos that looked like this?
How long has this one been listed for?
So, ummm, what exactly am I looking at here?
Those are pretty bad. But you also don’t want to spend an arm and a leg getting them done professionally. We understand. That’s why we have compiled…


8 Key Strategies for Effective Photography (Part 1)


1. Use the “Golden Hours”
Use the hour just after sunrise and the hour just before sunset to capture exterior
images in their best light. The sun at lower angles has a warmer more pleasing
light and casts shadows that add depth and dimension to your photograph. 
The early morning shadows make the home look warm and inviting.
 2. Pay attention to the orientation of the front facade of the house.
Any house with an easterly facing facade will have the best light and be best
photographed in the morning with the rising sun (like the one above). Houses with a westerly facing facade are best shot in late afternoon. The most challenging shots are due north and south facades.  For these shots, wait for a cloudy day or shoot in early evening and take advantage of the home’s exterior lighting to create an interesting mood.   

The impending storm in the background turns this home into a beacon of safety.


 3. Avoid flash for interior shots when possible.
The camera flash produces an intense white light that causes bright reflection and
harsh shadows. Instead, try setting up your camera on a tripod and using existing lights and a longer shutter speed. Another technique when flash is required is to bounce the flash off the ceiling (provided you are using an adjustable flash head). This diffused, reflected light fills the room in a more pleasing way.  



4. Remove all clutter from the picture.
Remove all the kids’ drawings from the fridge. Take all appliances from kitchen
counter tops, and remove most, if not all, of the homeowners “personal” decorations such as trophies, figurines, etc. Consider removing furniture such as occasional chairs or end tables from the shot to simplify the scene. Ash trays,
 TV remotes, dog toys, and nick-nacks have no place in professional real estate photos.   

Yes, even pigs count as clutter–get them out of the photos!


Follow these rules for effective real estate photography and you can make homes sparkle!
Check back soon for part 2!
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