Real Estate Photography Tips Pt. 2–Florida Real Estate School

Real Estate Photography Tips Pt. 2–Florida Real Estate School

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8 Key Strategies for Effective Photography Part 2

5. When possible use a wide angle lens.

This type of lens will allow you to bring more of the room into the picture and produce an interesting shot. For exterior shots a wide lens allows you to get closer to the facade without cutting the ends of the house out of the picture. Never take a shot that does not include the entire facade of the house.

 wide angle lens florida real estate school
This is a wide angle lens shot that captures the entire room.

6. When possible use a tripod.

Using a tripod forces the photographer to think more about composition and allows the use of slower shutter speeds for shots with existing light. Using a tripod allows the camera to be placed at better angles, such as in a tight corner, or up high shooting down both produce more aesthetic, interesting photos.

 no tripod florida real estate school
Yeah, this guy wishes he were using a tripod.
  1. Zoom in on the details.

Include close up shots of fine woodwork, high end fixtures, or beautiful surfaces such as granite, tile or marble. These shots complete the image of quality you are trying to portray of your listing.

 granite countertops florida real estate school
This close-up shows off the stellar granite countertops.

8. Consider photo editing software to touch up your photographs before posting. 

There are many free, and affordable software packages that will allow you to adjust exposure, crop your image, or adjust color saturation and hue for a more pleasing picture.

 photo editing florida real estate school
Color saturation is amped up in this photo to make the landscaping pop.

Follow these rules for effective real estate photography and you too can make homes sparkle!

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