#TBT to the Mysterious Construction Guy with the Golden Arm

This #ThrowbackThursday goes back just a few years to 2015, when we expanded our offices into “The Crow’s Nest” on the second level of Royal Palm Square in Fort Myers.

Our mom, LarsonEd’s resident interior decorator, was running errands up and down between our main offices on the ground level and the upstairs Crow’s Nest, which is on the other side of the Royal Palm Square complex.

Before one of her trips downstairs, co-owner Dave Larson said, “Mom, can you grab me a few sugar packets for my tea while you’re in the main office?”

Being the good mom that she is, she agreed, proceeding to grab a handful of packets from the main office kitchen, securing them into a compact package with a rubber band, and walking outside toward the open window of Dave’s second-floor office.

Now, mom wanted to make things a little interesting, so she said screw it to hand-delivering the sugar package to Dave, and instead opted for throwing it up through the narrow opening of his window.

She immediately enlisted the help of a husky construction guy wearing a white tank top. 

“Hey,” she said as he walked past, “can you throw this sugar packet through that window?”

He stopped. The guy looked at Mom, looked up at the window, looked back at her, and wordlessly grabbed the sugar package to line up the shot.

It was clear from the outset that this wasn’t Construction Guy’s first rodeo. With eyes fixed on the second-floor window, he glided to the side in search of an optimum angle, sizing up the opening like a sniper lining up his target.

After finding his desired shot, Construction Guy brought his arm back and in one fluid motion whipped the sugar package forward, sending the precious cargo sailing through the middle of the narrow window opening.

Mom and Construction Guy heard a holler of excitement from Dave’s office. Of course the throw itself was enough cause for celebration, but the whoops were slightly more emphatic than expected.

It was Dave and our dad, Rick. “We got it!” they called down.

It turns out that as those two sat speaking in Dave’s office, Dad just happened to see the sugar package flying in through the window like a lost dove. Being the natural athlete that he is, Dad had reached up in a moment inspired by pure instinct and snatched the sugar package out of the air.

Dad came to the window laughing and explained what had happened. Outside on ground level the construction guy walked away in hysterical laughter, having never said a word to anybody.

We salute you, mysterious Construction Guy. Dave’s tea that day tasted just a little bit sweeter thanks to your throwing prowess.

Do any of you have a connection to the Southwest Florida Historical Society? We need to get in touch with them about putting up a commemorative plaque or maybe even a statue of the construction guy with the golden arm.

About Larson Educational Services:

Utilizing 40 years of real estate training and professional education experience, Florida real estate school Larson Educational Services is the premier provider of Florida real estate licensing, exam preparation, post-licensing, CAM licensing, mortgage loan originator licensing, and continuing education in Southwest Florida. Classes are available in Fort Myers, Naples, Sarasota, and online. We are an approved Florida Real Estate School (License #ZH1002299), Florida CAM School (License #PRE31), Florida Insurance School (License # 370501) and NMLS Approved Course Provider.

Larson Educational Services

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