The Long Way is the Shortcut

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Have you ever tried to buy something cheap (like clothes) and had to replace it after only a few uses?

You probably bought the cheap item because you didn’t want to (or couldn’t) spend more money on its more expensive counterpart. You find yourself buying the $20 cotton jeans that wear out after a year rather than the $45 denim jeans that would last you 5 years.

Why do we do it? Sometimes it’s because we don’t have the money to buy more high quality items.

Other times, though, we’re looking for the quick solution—the shortcut.

That’s why I cringe when I see articles like this:

It’s a breakdown of which colors in which rooms raise your home value and by how much. (Periwinkle blue adds $5,440 to home value? Who knew?!)

So what are you meant to do with this information about paint colors? I agree, it’s tempting to share this as viable information—a simple change in paint color seems like an easy shortcut to more money—but there are so many X factors we don’t know.

Most importantly, do these more profitable color schemes translate to Southwest Florida, where earth tones dominate?

If you followed this one-size-fits-all shortcut for paint colors, you might spend more time and money in the long run than if you put in the real work.

The same way that buying cheaply made clothes isn’t an efficient way to spend money, trying to improve your sales with a panacea is usually less efficient than putting in the work.

Holding your business together with a series of short cuts is as sustainable as buying cheaply made clothes—you’ll wake up one day and the soles of your shoes will be flopping off like the lapping tongue of a dog and your pants will bust at the seams like a plumber.

Take the long road—it’s the only sustainable route you have.

the shortcut

About Larson Educational Services:

Utilizing 40 years of real estate training and professional education experience, Florida real estate school Larson Educational Services is the premier provider of Florida real estate licensing, exam preparation, post-licensing, CAM licensing, mortgage loan originator licensing, and continuing education in Southwest Florida. Classes are available in Fort Myers, Naples, Sarasota, and online. We are an approved Florida Real Estate School (License #ZH1002299), Florida CAM School (License #PRE31), Florida Insurance School (License # 370501) and NMLS Approved Course Provider.

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