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In our previous post, we told you sellers want to hire an agent that they believe will get the job done professionally. Specifically, here is the second half of the Top 10 traits and skills our sellers told us they are looking for in selecting an agent:

6. Sellers want to know the cost AND value of your service.

Of course they want to know how much your commission will add up to, but they also want to know what they will get in return. If you are able to list off your qualifications upon request, the seller will be more likely to see you as an asset.

7. Sellers want you to appreciate their property’s attributes.

This tells them that you are paying attention to the positive qualities in their house, which means you’ll be more likely to utilize these as selling points to buyers.

8. Sellers want to know that the property will be shown in the best light.

It goes without saying that the better the property looks the more likely it will be to sell, but the seller also wants to know that you know how to stage a home properly (link to staging PR).

9. Sellers want to know that you will creatively market the property.

Will you be active with advertising, both online and off? This will give the seller confidence that you will accomplish your task of selling the home.

10. Sellers want to list with an agent who has a good client base of potential buyers.

The more buyers an agent knows, the more likely they are to find one that wants the seller’s house.

These tips will help you become better prepared to meet client expectations for real estate agents.

Coming soon:

20 questions to learn about the seller and prepare you for the walk-through

If you are a new Florida real estate professional, make sure you complete your Post-Licensing Education before your 1st license expiration date. If you are a seasoned veteran, it’s never too early to get your Continuing Education done. Either way, Larson Educational Services has you covered with timely and market-ready information taught in professional classrooms by instructors who care about your success.

Learn more about the courses we have to offer in Fort Myers, Naples or Online at the following link – – or simply call a friendly Larson representative at (239) 344-7510.

Larson Educational Services looks forward to earning the right to be your real estate school of choice!

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