Time Management Tips–Florida Real Estate School

Florida Real Estate School

The Best Florida real estate school

The best Florida real estate school

Florida Real Estate School Larson Educational Services is coming at you with some simple tips for time management.

In this video, we’re going to talk about time management.

The principles we’ll discuss in this video are especially important for real estate professionals, but they also apply to all aspects of your professional life.

Your first step when setting a goal is to assign blocks of time and deadlines for each task.
Remember to make a realistic estimate, expect the inevitable interruptions, and consider importance versus urgency when prioritizing tasks.

Next, create a daily to do list.
It’s a simple, but not necessarily easy task.
It is the most significant difference between people who are successful in their careers and those who are not.

And you need to schedule work days and days off. Also, remember to schedule face to face time with clients.

And schedule direct preparation time to:
Prepare a listing or buyer presentation
Or prepare marketing materials
Review market research and analysis.

You can also schedule time to review your budget and financial status.

Do these things to become more effective and efficient in your personal and professional life.

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