5 Little-Known Techniques for Effective Goal-Setting

5 Little-Known Techniques for Effective Goal-Setting

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Every top real estate agent (as well as top performers in any industry) must necessarily be goal-oriented. In fact, these high-achievers share some similarities in how they set their goals as well.

Here are a few important and similar qualities that exist in the goals of real estate’s top producers:

  • They know what they want and they simply go after it.
  • They set moderate, attainable goals and take only calculated risks.
  • They know how to manage time and arrange priorities.
  • They look for accurate, constructive feedback.
  • They incessantly seek knowledge.
  • They display more self-confidence than they actually possess.

The first step to effective goal setting is to know what you want to accomplish or attain. There are many different types of goals; they could pertain to your career, personal life, health or well-being, family, faith, or your financial situation. Begin by identifying your desired result, then work backwards to determine the steps to achieve that result.


In the process, make sure your goal is:

Attainable. Goals must be reachable to be believable.

Measurable. Goals must be specific and able to be measured in some way.

Relevant. Goals must have value to you in order to make the effort worthwhile.

In Writing. Goals must be reduced to writing for clarity and commitment

Time-bound. Goals must have a specific and committed time frame.

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Make sure your goals are realistic

Once your goal is set, follow the PREAM method:

Post. Write it down.

Review. Check your plan and revise if necessary.

Evaluate. Determine if you are on the right track.

Adjust. Change your activities if necessary.

Monitor. Measure your progress.


Creating measurable objectives. Objectives are measurable milestones that lead toward achievement of a larger goal. They are identified when you create your plan to accomplish your goal.

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