Top 10 Things Sellers Want From Agents After the Listing Part 2

Top 10 Things Sellers Want From Agents After the Listing Part 2

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Owners want to know what is happening with their listing. Therefore, sellers want their agent to creatively market the property, pay attention to detail, and provide excellent customer support as part of their services.

The reason most often cited by owners who were unhappy with the listing agent is not the failure of the agent to secure a buyer; it’s failure of the agent to communicate with them after the listing is signed.


  1. Sellers want the property marketed on the Internet with a nice photo and up-to-date information.

If you’re not listing your client’s properties online then you’re living in the Stone Age. Make sure that you include the most flattering photo and information, just like you would for, say, an online dating profile.

  1. Sellers want you to hold open houses.

Potential buyers are more likely to put an offer on your seller’s house if they can get a fully immersive experience with the property. Open houses allow buyers to envision themselves inside the home because, well, they are.


  1. Sellers want you to be courteous, respect their property and respect their time.

Even if you think the seller is being needy, make sure that you make yourself available to them in a respectful way.


  1. Sellers want you to use common sense when it comes to showings and appointments.

It’s good practice to keep a sign-in sheet when holding an open house. For one, you can use this information to build your email list. And secondly, this helps you keep track of what sorts of characters are milling about inside of your client’s home.


Florida real estate school

Watch out, Mr. Real Estate Agent! There’s a bad guy coming into the house!

  1. Sellers want you to back up verbal information with written information.

Sure, the information you give your client may be just as good verbally as it is textually, but there’s something about information in writing that makes it seem much more reliable.

Keep in mind this top 10 list of seller desires so you don’t make the same mistake as many agents before you.

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