Public Speaking Advice Pt. 2–Florida Real Estate School

Welcome to part 2 in Florida real estate school Larson Educational
Services’ 3-part series on successful public speaking. Public speaking is a necessary skill for every professional, but especially real estate professionals must be adept speakers because garnering trust and confidence will help you increase your sales. In this part we are going to focus on energy and how successful public speakers present themselves energetically.

The Energy Factor

The energy factor is what distinguishes memorable teachers, the greatest
speakers, and the best communicators in the world: two-year olds.

“Nobody pays attention to a speech. But when you bring the energy up, when the listeners realize someone cares enough to communicate with them, their interest and retention always zoom. If you want to be memorable and persuasive, the primary variable is not your words, but your behavior.”

— Bert Decker, Author 

1.    Use your voice and vocal variety, plus motion and expression, to convey that you believe in what you are saying.

  • Start your content with a bang! Get their attention immediately with enthusiasm and energy
  • Never suggest anything negative. Be totally positive
  • Present the objectives and benefit statements with confidence
  • Avoid monotone. Make your voice deeper and richer, not “thin” and weak

2.   ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS repeat the question!

  • Repeat, rephrase and reinforce
  • Give a straightforward answer but don’t get off track

3.   Involve the audience–don’t just dispense information. Ask questions, don’t ask FOR questions.

  • Drama: voice fluctuations, scream, whisper
  • Eyes: expressive, don’t look away
  • Movement: purposeful, authoritative, move forward
  • Visual props: what do they do, see, hear
  • Q&A: rhetorical questions, grab volunteer, use them in examples
  • Humor: anecdotes, third party examples, no jokes!

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