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Keys to Effective Advertising for Buyers

Institutional Advertising – Marketing – Image Advertising

Your goal with advertising to buyers is to create a favorable image and differentiation. But be careful because most consumers choose an agent based on a personal referral rather than a bus bench or billboard. Especially if that billboard looks like this:

 lamb ad florida real estate school
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Specific Advertising

With specific advertising, you are trying to stimulate activity on a specific property. Therefore, once a property is listed, it’s time to get to work finding a buyer.

The A.I.D.A. Approach to Advertising 

The A.I.D.A. approach to advertising dates back many years, and is a useful guide for anyone who needs to write a sales ad, especially agents with little or no ad-writing experience.

aida florida real estate school

Attention: Write a headline that describes the number one feature of the property to sell them on reading the ad

    • Headlines
    • Word combinations
    • Typefaces and layouts
    • Color

Interest: Once you get their attention you need to cultivate interest

    • Connect the opening line to the headline; get to the point of the headline immediately
    • Use short sentences, and punchy words
    • Don’t lead with numbers; the decision comes from the heart
    • Don’t talk about special offers or discounts at this point

Desire: Create excitement by appealing to the senses

    • List a benefit for every feature
    • Use clear and concise language
    • Build mental images
    • Establish the credibility of your claims

Action: Convince them to make a purchase

    • Be convincing without being pushy
    • Call to action — Be clear about the step to take
    • The TV pros offer a special price and place a time-limit on it to get them to act NOW!

Follow these rules for effective advertising and you will be selling more homes in no time.

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