Meeting and Qualifying the Buyer Pt. 2–Florida Real Estate School

Meeting and Qualifying the Buyer Part 2

Florida Real Estate School

Last time, we discussed the first 9 questions you can use to help determine a buyer’s motivation. Every sales associate has war stories about indecisive, demanding, disloyal, or financially irresponsible buyers. These questions can help you determine a buyer’s motivation upfront. This week we will be going over the final 9 questions.

  1. How much cash do you want to use for the purchase?
  1. Do you have special requirements in a property? If yes, please list.
  1. If you have school-age children, are you willing to move during the school year?
  1. Who is your employer?
  1. Will anyone else help you make the buying decision? If yes, who?
magic 8 ball florida real estate school

“All signs point to yes you should definitely refrain from buying that house.”

  1. If we find the right property, are you prepared to make a decision now?
  1. What times are best to contact you?
  1. What times are best to view properties?
  1. How do you like to communicate?(Phone oremail) 
 pager florida real estate school

Or pager, if that’s where we have to go in this relationship.

Ask these qualifying questions of your buyer and you will be more suited to meet their needs in no time.

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