What Buyers Look for in Agents–Florida Real Estate School

What Buyers Look for in Agents–Florida Real Estate School

Buyers, especially first time buyers, will be looking for a number of specific qualities in an agent that will guide them through the process of buying a home. Consider the needs of the buyer when showing them homes.

What do buyers look for in an agent when selecting and showing properties?

  1. Buyers want you to perceive their physicalandemotional needs…listen
  1. A good Realtor helps in narrowing down the field of what I’m looking for, not just the agent’s own listings
  1. Use technology to do the research on the houses first so we don’t have to waste time looking at places we have no chance of buying
 bad agent florida reale state school

As an agent, you need to know which homes will emotionally destroy your clients.

  1. Save time by knowing and previewing the properties in ‘my’ criteria
  1. Buyers want to get property information readily. Give me information. I want to see MLS descriptions and comparables and neighborhood information.

  2. Have knowledge of the market: price and terms

  3. Have knowledge of the area: schools, stores, traffic, taxes

  4. Don’t rush the buyer so much he buys the wrong house

  5. Buyers want you to point out features, including negatives
 rock house florida real estate school

“The location is great on this one, but I’ll be honest: it’s just a rock with a hole for a door.”

  1. Buyers don’t want you to always agree with them. Suggest options and give advice.

If you embody these traits for buyers, you will be well on your way to meeting their needs and selling more homes in the process. Win-win!

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