What Real Estate Agents Need to Know About Emerging Technology

What Real Estate Agents Need to Know About Emerging Technology

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In this post, you’ll learn how to launch yourself into the NOW and FUTURE technology era. You’ll also learn how to interact more efficiently and communicate more effectively, which can help you provide better service to your customers and clients.

As always, buyers want to buy for the lowest price possible within their price range, and sellers want to sell for the most highest price possible, in the shortest possible time, with the least inconvenience.

But even though the consumers’ goals have remained the same for decades, they are no longer the consumers our real estate system was designed to serve. Today’s first-time buyers are DIGITAL NATIVES who represent the first generation to grow up with computer technology.

Who are the Digital Natives?

  1. Computer games, email, the Internet, Facebook, smartphones and texting are integral parts of their lives.
  2. They think and process information in a fundamentally different way than their predecessors
  3. They are used to receiving information really fast
  4. They like to parallel process and multi-task
  5. They prefer their graphics before their text rather than the opposite
  6. They function best when networked

Florida real estate school

Those who were not born as natives, but instead have adopted many or most aspects of the new technology, are DIGITAL IMMIGRANTS.

Who are the Digital Immigrants?

  1. They may not appreciate the skills that the natives have acquired
  2. They speak a different language (or the same language with a discernible accent)
Florida real estate school

Florida real estate school

Given these traits of Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants, real estate agents could be classified as DNA, DIA, or DOA:

DNA = Digital Native Agents

DIA = Digital Immigrant Agents

DOA = Digital Oblivious Agents

The DOA group were once the guardians and only source of information, but in today’s market information and property availability is much more accessible

So consumers are seeking more than simply information from agents: consumers expect real estate professionals to be technologically adept; they may not work with someone who is not.

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