The Importance of Proper Pricing–Florida Real Estate School

The Importance of Proper Pricing 

Florida Real Estate School

 More and more consumers are demanding that real estate sales associates arrive at the walk-through already armed with market information. It’s important to have information about all sales in the immediate area over approximately the past six months. If there have been relatively few sales, you might have to expand the analysis to include similarly desirable areas.

In performing your market analysis, determine the highest price the seller can expect to receive in the least amount of time with the least inconvenience.

Avoid Overpricing

  1. Overpricing reduces the response from advertising
  1. Properties offered for too long become shopworn
  1. Salespeople lose interest after a number of unfavorable reactions


Florida real estate school

Improper pricing can get you dejected.

  1. Overpriced properties don’t compete with other similar properties that are priced lower
  1. Buyers expect more at a high price


Use these cautionary tips to accurately price your clients’ homes.


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