4 Leadership Styles to Fit Any Situation

You may think that leadership is fixed and finite–a boss tells people below them what to do, and those people do it. However, as your personal skills change so too will your leadership needs. Likewise, as your team grows and improves, your leadership skills will become more valuable.

A one-size-fits-all approach to leadership may be hurting your real estate business. Here are 4 leadership styles you need to know as a real estate professional and when to use them.

leadership styles florida real estate school


Use this leadership style when people are highly committed but not necessarily competent with the given task.

When the task is difficult, and the people performing it are inexperienced or have low commitment, then it’s necessary to give instructions as to how the job should be done. This style of leadership puts a strong emphasis on the task, as well as a low emphasis on the people performing it.


When people have some competence relative to the task, but are low on commitment.

When the task is difficult, but the people have some skill they need direction and supervision because of their relative inexperience. They also need support and recognition to build their confidence and involvement in decision-making to restore their commitment (which may have declined because of frustration on the team).


Use this leadership style when people are highly committed but have varied competence.

When you have a situation that requires a supporting leadership style the individual’s skill-set has improved, but they still require support to sustain motivation to bolster their confidence. As a leader, you can start to take a backseat, giving acknowledgement and praise when necessary.


Use this leadership style when people are both competent and committed.

People who are competent and committed will be able and willing to work on a given project by themselves with little supervision or support. Occasional monitoring allows you, as a leader, to stay informed and ensure that team members have the necessary resources. But, for the most part, this team will be better when left alone.

The better you understand your team, the more likely you’ll be able to use the most effective form of leadership. Utilize these 4 types of leadership to better lead your team in the future.

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