How to Sell Health Insurance to Small Businesses Part 1

How to sell health insurance to small businesses

Small and medium sized businesses account for more than half of new job creation in the US. Therefore, they offer a great prospecting opportunity for health insurance professionals.

Check out these 10 tips for selling health insurance to small businesses.

1. Take Your Time

Part of the selling process includes educating your potential clients on what their potential health insurance solutions might be. Likewise, you need to qualify your prospect. If you skip these integral steps in search of a quick sale, then you may lose a deal. And remember: larger companies may require more time for the purchasing process. Utilize their more complex decision-making process as an opportunity to spend more time building a relationship with your client.

2. Focus on Best Leads

When you first meet a potential prospect (or even when you make a cold call) be sure to have a set of questions to ask that let you know whether or not your time will be well spent trying to get their business. Recognize who your most qualified leads are and be sure to give them your expert care.

3. Be Goal Oriented

It might be helpful to think of selling health insurance as a series of offers and agreements. It might start with the prospect agreeing to speak on the phone, then the prospect agrees to meet in person, then the prospect agrees to hear the sales pitch–all the way until the prospect becomes a client by agreeing to buy a health insurance policy from you.

At each potential agreement point, know your desired outcome and know what the next step is. Be sure to communicate these next steps clearly with your prospect.


4. Saying “Yes” Should Make Sense

Selling is not always a logical line of cause and effect; buying and selling is an emotional process. Spend time cultivating a relationship with your potential client and saying yes will make sense for them from both a logical standpoint and an emotional one.

5. Be Okay With Hearing “No”

Some salespeople dread the word no. But as you gain more experience as a health insurance sales professional, hearing no will be part of the process. It’s a good thing. A yes means you made the sale, but a no simply means that the prospect is not qualified and you are able to clear them from your prospects list. Do ask for feedback as to why they said no but don’t be pushy: simply try to gather information that may help you in future sales situations.

Follow these tips and you’ll be more likely to get those small business clients in no time.

Check back next time for part 2!

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