The key to passing your state exam is preparation. Preparation involves working through the key components of every one of the 100 questions on the exam. Let’s go over a few quick testing strategies that will immediately boost your chances of passing.

1. Take your time.
You have three and a half hours to answer the questions, which means there is no need to rush. Just take a deep breath and trust your preparation.

2. Read all the darn questions…2 times.
It’s too easy to skip over key words in the question. Our brain has this nasty habit of filling in the the blanks of sentences when we haven’t even seen every word. For example, did you notice the repeated word “the” in the last sentence? Give yourself a chance of getting the questions right by reading them each 2 times.

3. Read all the darn answers…2 times.
Before choosing an answer – even if you are 100% positive it’s right – read through all the choices. It may be that you have prematurely selected a response that is correct, but there could be another answer that is more correct. If you fail to read through all the answers there’s a chance you may mark the wrong one.

4. Longer is better.
If you come to a question that has you completely stumped, usually the longest choice is the most likely to be correct. This is not a hard rule of thumb, but rather an indicator to go off of when you don’t have any idea what the answer could be.

5. Treat each multiple choice question as 4 true-false questions.
Each multiple choice question will have 4 answers, each of which you should regard as a true-false question. This will help you ensure that you aren’t missing any details when responding to each question.

Hopefully these quick tips help you pass your Florida real estate exam. Remember, you can miss 25 of the 100 questions and still pass the exam. There’s no need to be perfect, just pass. For a more thorough look at how to pass your exam, sign up for the Larson Educational Exam Preparation course at our Fort Myers and Naples real estate school here: https://larsontrak.larsoned.com/Sales-Associate-State-Exam-Prep-Course or call us at our Fort Myers office at 239-344-7510.

Is THAT how you pass your Florida real estate exam?

We like what you’re teaching, Rick, but what the heck are you wearing???

Real estate IS cool. At least we won’t be forgetting that question on the exam.

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