The 4 S’s of Prospecting–Naples Real Estate School

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If you have followed our prospecting tips Part 1 and Part 2, you should have a significant sphere of influence that includes a ton of prospects.

All of our prospecting tips so far have been focused on how to get prospects, this post is about how to maintain them. These are The 4 S’s of Prospecting, or what to do with a prospect once they give you their business card or other contact information.

1. See

See the prospects. Make face-to-face contact with them so you are in their mind when they need to sell a home. You don’t have to be pushy, but make sure they know that you are in the business of real estate so they know you are the one to call to help with their next purchase or sale.

2. Save

Save their information and mark them with leads to other people they may know who could be potential clients. Keep track of pertinent information they have given you, such as life goals, upcoming location changes, and housing needs.

3. Schedule

Set an appointment to meet with them and make sure you keep that appointment. If they are willing to give you their time they will be looking for you to prove that you are trustable. The best way to gain the trust of a prospect is to do what you say you will do. There is no faster way to lose a prospect than to be late for an appointment.

4. Sell

This is the ultimate goal, isn’t it? Sell them something. And if they aren’t buying or selling, maybe they have a friend who is or a family member who will. You never want to lose a potential prospect because of a bad interaction.

Don’t feel like reading? Perfect! Larson Educational Services has quick videos with prospecting tips available here and here.

Coming soon: Developing Your Farm Part 1––Selecting Your Sphere of Influence

If you are a new Florida real estate professional, make sure you complete your Post-Licensing Education before your 1st license expiration date. If you are a seasoned veteran, it’s never too early to get your Continuing Education done. Either way, Larson Educational Services has you covered with timely and market-ready information taught in professional classrooms by instructors who care about your success.

Learn more about the courses we have to offer in Fort Myers, Naples or Online at the following link – — or simply call a friendly Larson representative at (239) 344-7510.

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