Top 10 Prospecting Tips for Real Estate Agents: Part 2

Top 10 Prospecting Tips for Real Estate Agents (Part 2)

For a quick introduction to prospecting, check out our post, “What is Prospecting, Why is it Necessary, and Why it Scares Most Agents.”

And click here for Part 1 of the Top 10 Prospecting Tips for Real Estate Agents.

Now that you know what prospecting is and why it’s important, we can get into the details of how exactly to prospect for clients. Most of these tips require no special talent, only effort and organization, but they will put you on the fast-track to finding buyers and sellers who want to do business with you.

5. Practice proper phone etiquette

When you call to introduce yourself or check in with a prospect, ask if they are busy. If so, see if there is a better time to call them back. It’s important to be persistent when you’re selling homes, but if the prospect is giving you a stand-offish vibe, then it’s best to back off.

4. Hand-address any mail you send

Hand-written letters increase the likelihood that they’ll be opened because they add a personal touch. Mailing too many letters to hand-address? Choose a computer typeface that looks like handwriting and the effect can still be noticed.

 3. Contact your best prospects first

Time is finite, and if you are doing your job right with prospecting, you will have so many people in your phone that you won’t be able to contact all of them for every listing. So contact your best prospects first, the ones who you know would be interested in a certain property and are pre-approved.

2. Build your email list

You can do this by sponsoring an occasional online contest. Tell interested prospects they must enter via email and will be notified the same way. Offer a good prize—a television or a dinner for two at a hot restaurant. For each contest offer a different kind of prize. Sooner or later, you’ll motivate most people to participate.

1. Ask prospects for just 5 minutes

Tell them that in exchange for a 5 minute appointment you will give them tips on how to increase their home’s value—and stick to it! When that 5 minutes is up, let them know that you appreciate their interest but the time they promised you has run out. More often than not, this show of respect will get them to invest even more time into you because they will see this as a trust-worthy attribute.

Coming soon: The 4 S’s of the Prospecting Cycle.

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