Open House Tips Part 2–Naples Real Estate School

Naples Real Estate School

For the first 4 tips, check out part 1 of our open house tips.

Once you have selected an area to farm and you have prospected for clients, you will be ready to start selling homes. One tool for selling a client’s home is to hold an open house.

The professional real estate community appears to be split on whether it’s a good idea to hold an open house or not. The successful real estate agents we have interviewed report that at least 20% of their sales were to buyers they met at an open house.

An open house can be a good source of both buyer and seller leads. Some agents will hold open houses on homes listed by other agents within their firm just for the possibility of gaining leads and experience. Assuming the home is presentable, spotless from top to bottom, priced correctly, and located in a high traffic area, here are tips to improve the odds that the house will sell at an open:

5. Have personal and company information readily available.

Be sure that all of the materials have the same look so people are easily able to associate all of your materials to you.

6. Have community information available as well.

This is where your farming research will come in handy, because you should already know about the area in order to sell people on certain aspects of the community that will appeal to them. However, if you haven’t done the research, be sure to run down to the community hotspots before the open house so you can pick up some of their marketing materials for display.

7. Set out all documents pertaining to the house.

This includes: inspection reports, appraisals or comps, major repairs and warranties, blueprints for additions or future possible improvements.

8. Greet each visitor.

Find out what the buyers are looking for and, if possible, show them why the home fits those requirements.

9. Ask for feedback.

This is where your salesmanship comes out to shine. If you get people to tell you what they don’t like about the property, you can find a way to ease their fears or worries with positive parts of the home or let them know that they may have nothing to worry about.

10. Get an appointment for later.

Grab their information and make a note to give them a call if and when you have a property that may appeal to them more.

Using these tips (and the ones from our last post) when holding an open house will increase the odds that the house will sell and/or you will gain more prospects in the process.

Coming soon:

Open House Staging tips

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