5 Habits of Successful Real Estate Agents

5 Habits of Successful Real Estate Agents

Successful real estate agents come in many different styles, but they all share one common trait: desire. They all want to meet prospects and expand their sphere of influence at every opportunity they get.

Here are 5 habits that separate the truly successful superstar agents from the competition:

They keep up with technology

The best agents are always up-to-date on the latest technology trends, and this includes digital marketing. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), meaning how easy it is for your potential clients to find you and your listings, is constantly evolving. If you aren’t keeping up with the most recent search engine algorithm updates from Google, then you’ll be left in the dust by a superstar agent who is.

TIP: Did you know that some agents are effectively using camera drones to capture stunning imagery of their listings? Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to utilizing technology to improve your odds of success.

Credit: droneandquadcopter.com


They communicate effectively

The best agents respond to phone calls, texts, and emails with lightning quick speed. Why? Because they know that if they don’t snatch up a prospect, some other more attentive agent will.

Be the agent who answers questions and follows up with clients all the way through the transaction. By being accessible, you can make your client feel important and cared for, which is good for both of you.

Mold your communication medium to the needs of each client: if they like to text, then text; if they like to talk on the phone, then call.

Great network

Don’t be intimidated by agents who are more successful than you. Indeed, the best way to become better is to spend time with successful people and pick their brains.

And of course the top agents know more than just other agents—they know the best contractors in town, the best lenders, the best insurance providers, etc.

The larger and more successful your sphere of influence is, the more successful you’ll be.

They know their market

Expert agents know the ins and outs of their target area. They’re able to tell prospects which schools are the best, where the local hot-spots are, and the unique selling points of their area of expertise (that’s why top agents are often referred to as “neighborhood experts”). The top agents will also know how long houses have been on the market and which ones sold recently and for how much.

They invest in themselves and their business

The best agents are always learning. Complacency will rot your business from the inside out, even if you think you’ve made it to the top already. Always improve your business with material upgrades. And don’t forget about your own well-being while you’re at it.

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