What Sellers Want From Agents Part 1 (VIDEO)

Owners want to know what’s happening with their listing. Therefore, sellers want their agent to creatively market the property, pay attention to detail, and provide excellent customer support as part of their services.

The reason most often cited by owners who were unhappy with the listing agent is not the failure of the agent to secure a buyer; it’s failure of the agent to communicate with them after the listing is signed.

  1. Sellers want you to add value by providing much more than the sellers could do on their own.

If they could have found that extra value on their own then what do they need you for?

  1. Sellers want you to look at the entire situation and give good advice.

It’s difficult for sellers to be objective about their own property. Emotional attachment, nostalgia, and good memories cloud their ability to accurately assess their home’s value. That’s why you need to be the voice of reason and wisdom for the seller.

  1. Sellers want you to remember who the customer is and respond to their needs.

Always remember that your relationship with the seller is a mutually beneficial one, and you should remember your role as well as your client’s. This relationship will sometimes require you to swallow your pride.

Florida real estate school

Okay, you gotta have a cut-off point though.

  1. Sellers want to be treated like partners—keep in touch and update them at least once a week.

There’s nothing more frustrating for a seller than to be left in the dark. Keep them in the loop even if there’s nothing to report. This lets your client know that you care about them and their needs.

  1. Sellers want to see a nice brochure—accurate, detailed, and professional.

A nice brochure shows that you’ve done your homework on the property and that you’re prepared to present their listing to potential buyers in the most professional way possible.

Keep in mind this list of seller desires so you don’t make the same mistake as many agents before you. Check back next time for part 2.

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