Buyer Service Agreement Template–Florida Real Estate School

Buyer Service Agreement Template–Florida Real Estate School

You could surprise a prospective buyer by offering a non-exclusive Buyer Service Agreement.

Here are some examples of promises you could make that would build loyalty: 

I have access to Real Estate Listing Aggregators to keep me abreast of any new listings – not only from any MLS company – but also by owner, by builder, and by developer. I watch daily for the following:

  1. Houses that sold quickly but are back on the market because the buyer did not obtain financing
  2. PRICE REDUCTIONS (sometimes as high as $100,000)
  3. New Listings! The best homes at the right price sell within 30 days

I can forward details of the property in a matter of seconds. In addition to the standard MLS sites, I subscribe to (list examples Trulia, Zillow, etc.)

New construction: We have great builders if you wish to build a new home

 fantasy cloud house florida real estate school

Even if your buyer wants an impossible cloud-home, you get it done.

Bargain hunters: I am in a position to access bank-owned properties and short sales. I can show you these, write and present your offer for you.

For Sale By Owner: I can act as your transaction broker.

I will spend 1-2 hours with you, up front, just learning about your real estate needs. We will determine:

  • What style of homes you like
  • What you would like in extras
  • 12 major areas to watch when purchasing, to avoid a wrong decision
  • What price range you are comfortable with
  • Determine what a lender will qualify you for
  • What down payment is comfortable for you
  • What monthly payment would fit your budget
  • What areas you will consider
  • Answers to any questions about which types of finance are best for you
  • The process of getting a mortgage

If you have a house to sell before purchasing, I will do a FREE analysis showing you what you have in equity

 hose for sale florida real estate school

“Okay, guys, we can’t get ahead of ourselves. All we did was put up a sign.”

I give weekly reports to my buyers and sellers until the sale closes

I am a full-time agent with professional support services

I care about earning and KEEPING you as a client 

I enjoy marketing homes and helping buyers find a home they can be happy in.  Should I have the opportunity to work with you I will do my best to serve all your real estate needs.

Let your prospective buyers know this information and you will be more suited to meet their needs in no time.

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