5 Networking Tips for Real Estate Agents

5 Networking Tips for Real Estate Agents

Networking is one of the most important parts of building your business as a real estate agent, yet many professionals fail to increase their sphere of influence on a consistent basis. This is not the business for introverts. Utilize these 5 simple networking tips for real estate agents to help flesh out your list of prospects and clients.

1. Stay off your phone

Sure, you’ll need to use your phone when it comes to emailing, calling, and texting clients and prospects, but when you find yourself at a trade show or other networking opportunity keep your eyes up. By simply talking to people, eliciting information, and keeping off your phone you can set yourself ahead of other agents. Listen to people. And be sure to get their cards and follow up.

2. Keep notes

When you get information about a new contact, add notes in your phone. Reference that information when you follow up so they know that you not only listened to them when you met, but you also cared enough to remember details about your conversation.

3. Have fun

No, you shouldn’t go out of control on the open bar, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t be laughing and smiling when you’re meeting new people. Everybody gets nervous at networking events, so you can set yourself apart by being present and outgoing. Take a breath, notice something funny about the venue, and make a situational comment to your neighbor and you’ll be laughing in no time.

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4. Don’t try to close a deal immediately

Few things put people off more than pushy salesmen. You’re not using a networking event to “hit on” potential clients or business people you think could become a part of your sphere of influence. You’re only setting the ground work for a relationship that may or may not yield a business partnership. Don’t be too quick to put pressure on your new contacts.

5. Get out of your comfort zone

It’s great if you see someone you already know at a networking event. Make sure you say hello to them and connect for a few minutes, but be sure to break off and meet some new people. You aren’t doing you or your friend any favors if you only talk to each other the entire time. Seek out someone who looks shy and say hello. Before you know it you’ll be making new friends and increasing your sphere of influence.

Utilize these 5 simple networking tips to help you better take advantage of every networking opportunity you come across, whether it’s a planned event or a chance meeting of a prospect at the grocery store. Check out more tips for new Florida real estate agents here: https://www.larsoned.com/realestate/post-licensing/real-estate-tips-for-new-agents/

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